Beaver Builder AB Split Testing


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Create an AB test inside Beaver Builder in 100 seconds. Seriously.

Create an experiment, then build your variations, right inside beaver builder.

View simple and clear results that anyone can understand.

 Why should I A/B test?

A/B testing allows you to measurably improve your site’s performance, by testing out alternate ideas and getting hard facts.

Agencies – why should I A/B Test?

Offer an additional level on top of your service plans offering proactive optimization. Optimizing with split testing allows you to show hard numbers about the tests and improvements you are making.

Improve your customer’s website over time. A customer whose expectations are constantly being exceeded sticks with you, and refers you to their friends.

A/B test results look great in reports!

How It Works

  1. Create an experiment
  2. Tag the beaver builder rows/modules as AB test variations.
  3. Define the “conversion” or goal URL.

Watch the video above with Nathan of WPBuilds for a walkthrough.


Step 1: Create an experiment.

You can skip the "Conversion Page" input.
  1. Give your experiment a name that is easy to remember.
  2. You can skip the "Conversion Page" for now.
  3. Hit "Publish"

Step 2: Create your experiment inside Beaver Builder.

  1. Tag your row or module as an experiment variation.
  2. Look in the row or modules "Advanced" tab for the "Experiment" input. Search for, and select the experiment you just created.
  3. Give it a variation name.
  1. Create your second variation. Tip: Duplicate the row or module that you just tagged as an experiment, then you only need to add a new variation name and make your changes.
  2. Look in the row or modules "Advanced" tab for the "Experiment" input.
  3. Search for, and select the experiment you just created.
  4. Give it a different variation name.

Step 3: Tag your conversion page.

  1. On your conversion page, add the invisible "conversion" Module. It's located in the "Beaver Team" group.
  1. Enter the experiment name you created earlier
  2. Done! Now just wait for the results to flow in.
  3. Experiments are only conducted on logged-out users. So if you want to test your AB test, an incognito window is the easiest way to go.

Step 4: View your results

  1. Back in the WordPress admin, Under "Experiments" you can view the results of your test.
  2. NOTE: You will need to let your test run for a few weeks, or at least a few hundred views of each variation before you should make a decision which is the best. In future versions, you won't have to do anything and the plugin will make the decision for you.
  3. Click into the Experiment you created to see the ranked results.
  1. Clicking into the experiment will show you your ranked results, with the best variations higher up the list.


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