Beaver Team Pro - Changelogs

1.1.6 – 21 March 2019

  • Conditional Rows Rebuild
  • Added location targeting option: State / Province
  • Added Cookie Support. Show Hide rows based on a cookie value

1.1.5 – 15 March 2019

  • Fixed: Sticky Column clashing with BB sticky header

1.1.4 – 4 March 2019

  • Hotfix Color Sync JS error and licence check soft error.

1.1.3 – 3 March 2019

  • Fixed licencing update
  • UPDATED: Notes Module
    • New visibility settings (Turn on in WP Admin > Settings > Beaver Builder > Developer > Notes):
      • Only let admins edit notes
      • Restrict editing to admins only
      • Restrict visibility to admins only
    • When editing is restricted to admins only – notes with YouTube, Vimeo and Google Drive links are converted toembeds.
  • UPDATED: sticky columns module
    • No more bouncing around! It now uses CSS position:sticky with a fallback to position:fixed instead of hacky javascript margins
    • Works on rows!
    • Supports multiple sticky items per page
  • ADDED: Licencing
    • You’ll need to add in your licence key to receive updates AFTER this next one.
    • You can find your licence key under subscriptions in your account
    • Not a very exciting addition, this one
  • FIXED: Color Sync
    • Color sync now works on modified customizer color pickers (looking at you, Astra)

1.1.2 – Jan 2019

  • Bugfixes
  • 7.2 compatibility with bulk updates
  • Read time module – check for free plugin
  • Licencing coming soon


  • NEW: Added update all -> save to default option (when both modules are activated)
  • Improved ‘update all’ support for bb 2.2 settings groups
  • Improved ‘update all’ handling of responsive settings – now when you update all, it only updates the responsive settings you are working on
  • Improved UI of ‘update all’ -> we improved the display of settings that are being updated
  • Default module – improved handling of defaults. To update, now just drag in the module, make changes and hit publish.
  • 1.1.0 – Added sticky columns tool
  • Added read time module
  • Added border radius
  • Cleaned up developer tab to be more user-friendly
  • Bulk updates: bugfix, where only settings and ID visible
  • Color sync: refactored code
  • Color sync: added filter to allow presets to apply to all color pickers in admin
  • Color Sync: bugfix duplicate colors in picker (rgba/hex conflict)


  • Hotfix – added scroll to the update all panel when updating lots of settings.


  • Hotfixes
  • Fixed conditional row/columns setting not appearing, added a “BT” suffix to distinguish from native conditionals in BB 2.2.
  • Fixed pattern backgrounds CSS selector
  • Moved the notes module down lower to get out of the way


  • Fixed empty array log error when activating


  • Added Notes
  • Bugfixes


  • Hotfix – SVG pattern backgrounds


  • UX improvements


  • Hotfix permissions error
  • UX improvements – color update
  • Fixed PHP clash


  • HEX color update module now available. “Tools” > “Page Builder Bulk Color Update” (after activating module).
  • Fixed same page bulk updates
  • Removed cache clear buttons, as BB 2.2 will have improved cache busting
  • added permission setting, to restrict the use of tools to capability.


  • Auto updates
  • Fixed jump on click of ‘update all’


  • Fixed JS Errors in conditional locations, added cache clear button in WP admin and BB bar.


  • Hello World