WordPress Plugins

The Ultimate AB Test Plugin for Beaver Builder – First Look

COMING SOON. We’re in the final stages of testing. Plugin available March 1st, 2019  Create an AB test inside Beaver Builder in 100 seconds. Seriously. Create an experiment, then make your variations right inside Beaver builder. See the results quickly and easily. Why should I A/B test? A/B testing allows you to measurably improve your site’s performance,…

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Exploring The Gutenberg Editor

If you’re a long-time WordPress user, then you might have noticed that there hasn’t any been major changes to the WordPress visual editor over the years. It’s not an actual cause to worry and it’s not entirely a bad thing especially if you’re not so keen on changes, but with other platforms offering unique and…

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Free Plugins vs Premium Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that WordPress powers over 30% of the internet’s websites? Yep, that is 30.6% to be exact as of April of this year, to be exact. That makes WordPress the largest CMS with a massive margin over other CMS. One of the reasons is that WordPress has a plethora of available plugins to…

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