Beaver Builder AB Split Test Case Study

Here at Beaver Team, we thought, what better way of showing off our new AB Split test plugin, than by running a test. That’s right – if you’ve been on our site in the last month, you’ve been tested. I bet you didn’t even notice 😉 The Idea We decided to test that if we…

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A/B (Split) Testing and SEO

Note: A/B testing is sometimes referred to as split testing. We’ll use both, mainly for our own SEO 😉 Is A/B testing bad for SEO? No :), In fact, Google and other search engines recommend split testing, and even have their own tools to enable split testing. But there are a few key points to…

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Implementing AMP: What You Need to Know

About a couple years ago, Google introduced the AMP project in its bid to create faster websites. Unfortunately, not every site benefits from AMP as it’s not suitable for some. With that said, this guide was created to help you determine if you should implement AMP to your site. Let’s begin by defining what AMP is.…

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