Beaver Team Pro

Beaver Team Pro v 1.1.6 update – Conditional Heaven!

Introducing Beaver Team Pro 1.1.6 – The Conditional Rows and Columns Rebuild! Total Rebuild We rebuilt the JavaScript side of the conditional rows and columns from the ground up to allow us to more easily add features and tools for you. The first new feature that we’ve added thanks to this rebuild is Cookie Support!…

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Beaver Team Pro 1.1.1 Release Notes – January Update

Updates New Stuff No new features this month, just improvements Improvements Update All Add setting to module defaults when updating all – Both modules must be activated for this feature Better handling of 2.2 settings groups Improved ‘update all’ handling of responsive settings – now when you update all, it only updates the responsive settings you…

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Beaver Team Pro 1.0.7 Release Notes – Fall Update

Hey All, Here is our latest update for Beaver Team Pro. We can now safely say we are out of Beta, and this is a production ready, stable plugin. Any issues, please contact us. Updates New Stuff These modules are disabled by default. Please activate them in Settings > Beaver Builder > Developer Filter – Disable…

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