AB Split Tests for Beaver Builder

AB Tests For Beaver Builder is growing!

You asked, we listened! Here’s whats coming soon For A/B Tests for Beaver Builder. Universal Support – Coming Soon! We’re making the move towards universal support, meaning… Gutenberg support Elementor support Shortcode support HTML support And it will all be interchangeable 🥨 Test a BB row against a custom piece of HTML, use a shortcode…

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AB Split Tests for Beaver Builder 1.0.1 Update Notes

NEW – Convert on element click After dragging in your conversion module, specify the selector of the element that you want to trigger a conversion. IMPROVED – Logging of visits and conversions [CHANGES] Previously, we logged every visit and conversion of each variation. Now, we log every visitor that sees a variation, and whether or…

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AB Split Tests for Beaver Builder 1.0.0 Update Notes

Love to create tests, but don’t want to check back and implement the winners? Introducing our 1.0.0 update of AB Split tests for Beaver Builder, with Experiment Autocomplete, plus some other bits and pieces. NEW: Experiment Autocomplete How it Works We monitor your tests, and wait until we have enough information to choose a winner.…

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